Parish Life

Parish life is rich and full at the Ascension, you will find:

A place to grow spiritually…

  • We have two services on Sunday: 8:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m
  • One service on Wednesday’s at 12 Noon
  • Bible Studies at different times and of different interests of study are held throughout the week;
  • We meet in small groups for prayer

A place to serve in the church…

  • Liturgical service at the altar;
  • Singing in either the Traditional Choir that rehearses each Thursday evening at 7 p.m.
  • Singing in the Contemporary Choir that rehearses each Monday evening at 7 p.m.

A place to serve the community…

  • Together with several churches in the Don Mills area we house the Community Share Food Bank which operates on Tuesdays and Saturday’s.
  • We offer an ESL program.
  • Our Christian Companions provide pastoral support and encouragement to the elderly and shut-in our community.
  • We share a meal on the 3rd Thursday of each month with Supper at 6 and invite our neighbours to talk about what’s happening in the world of our families and where God is in all of it.

A place for children…

  • Faith & Family Night: An intergenerational evening for young people, their families and friends to learn about the Christian faith, share a meal and enjoy a fun activity
  • Christian Education that geared specifically for children: infants –12 years old.

A place to be nurtured and fed and encourage…

Spiritual Curiosity.
Why? People have questions. Hard questions. In some cases, questions they’ve never dare ask.
Questions like:

      • If God is good, why did my child get cancer?
      • ow can I reconcile my faith with scientific discovery?
      • Is it OK for me to pray for my loved one to die, instead of for a miracle, while they suffer so terribly?
      • If God answers prayer, why doesn’t he ever seem to answer mine?
      • Will only Christians go to heaven?

People to tell and share their stories of God’s grace in their lives

Each of us has a story to tell of how God’s love has touched our lives. These stories need to be told! They need to be shared! The Ascension is a place where stories of grace are told, and retold. Over and over again!

Whoever will come, come just as you are

The Ascension is as inclusive as the love of God! You don’t have to have your faith pretty much together and in order before you can gain entrance.

There are areas of ministry that need the inspiration of fresh vision and energy. If you are without a church and sense a calling to serve in any capacity, or if you have never been in a church but are seeking a deeper relationship with God, come be with us at the Ascension.

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